Atment for anaemia. The beneficial effects of a blood transfusion can be temporary and some people may need further transfusions. Having a blood transfusion back to top before a blood transfusion is given, the blood must be cross-matched to ensure that it is compatible with your own blood. This involves taking a sample of your blood to identify your blood group and matching it with suitable donor blood. This procedure ensures that the blood you are given will not make you unwell. The transfusion itself involves a small tube called a cannula, being placed into a vein in your hand or arm. This is then connected to a drip. low cost viagra online The blood is then run through the drip (infusion). Some people have a transfusion given through a larger tube put into a vein in the chest (central line |) or the crook of their arm (picc line |). viagra canada Blood for transfusion is stored in small plastic bags. Each bag is called a unit of blood and is about a pint (half a litre). Transfusions usually involve giving 2-4 units depending on how anaemic you are. Each unit is given over a period of 1-4 hours. cheap generic viagra When the transfusion is finished the drip is taken down and the cannula is removed. If you need several units of blood you may need to stay in hospital overnight. However, a transfusion of only 1-2 units of blood can usually be given to you as a day patient or outpatient. cheap viagra online Possible side effects back to top during the transfusion, you will have your temperature, pulse and blood pressure checked regularly by the nurses to detect any reaction to the blood. Common side effects that can occur are headaches, a slight rise in temperature or a skin rash. viagra generic These effects can be relieved by drugs such as paracetamol. cheapest generic viagra australia Severe side effects from blood transfusions are rare because blood is cross-matched first. Having more than one transfusion back to top many people will need only one or two transfusions during their illness, although it is possible to have repeated transfusions if necessary. cheap pills viagra If you need to have lots of blood transfusions over many months, there is a very small risk of iron overload. This is only likely if you have had at least 20 transfusions. low cost viagra online  iron overload can happen because the red blood cells in each unit of blood contain a small amount of iron that builds up in the body. Iron overload is a potentially harmful situation, and you may need treatment to help stop this from occurring. low cost viagra online Your doctor or. can you purchase viagra over the counter order viagra By PDLCPayday Loans

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